Administering data lists

Administering data lists

This feature provides the ability to administer a series of dropdown lists in PATorganiser including Asset Class, Test Type and Test Type Result dropdown lists.

To access and manage the lists:
  1. Select 'Settings' from the user menu
  2. Click the 'Lists' tab
Here you will see all of the various lists that can be administered.


  1. Add/Edit allow you to adjust the settings of a list value
  2. Delete will remove the list value (if the usage count is 0)
  3. Re-Assign will bulk update the data from one option to another (via a dialog)
    1. Available for Asset Class and Test Type (not available for Test Result Group or Test Result Type)
  4. Asset Class, Test Type and Test Result Type all work as pictured
  5. Test Result Group works as above, but also allows for selecting of Test Result Type values as the defaults 


  1. System values cannot be edited or deleted
  2. Values can be deleted if the usage count is 0
    1. Use the re-assign for bulk moves or user the 'Organiser view' to change the values to bring to 0
  3. Default values appear first in the list with other options appearing afterwards
  4. In-active values cannot be selected but are shown where previously selected
  5. Editing a value renames the value throughout the system (Except for Test Result Group and Test Result Type)