Device Compatibility

Device Compatibility

PATorganiser's innovative software is compatible with a wide range of Portable Appliance Testers. It can also store data from any manual Portable Appliance Tester and has a very user friendly dedicated manual mode.


  1. Seaward PrimeTest Elite / PrimeTest Pro / Apollo 400-600 / Apollo 400-600+
    1. Download/Upload with Bluetooth
    2. Download
    3. Download via USB
    4. Note: The PrimeTest Elite/Pro is the AU name of the UK's Apollo series - they are the same devices with differing regional firmware
  2. Seaward Primetest 300/350
  3. Seaward Europa Plus
  4. Seaward Supernova XE
  5. Seaward PrimeTest 250 
  6. Seaward PAC3760DL


  1. Megger PAT4DV
  2. Megger PAT400 Series
    1. Megger PAT410
    2. Megger PAT420
    3. Megger PAT450


  1. GammaPAT MI 3311
  2. DeltaPAT 3309
  3. DeltaPAT 3309 BT
  4. Delta aPAT


  1. Sonel EasiPAT


  1. Kewtech KT74
  2. Kewtech KT75
  3. Kewtech KT77


  1. SmartPAT500
  2. SmartPAT5500


  1. Fluke 6500-2
  2. Fluke 6200-2

First Stop Safety

  1. First Stop Safety Memory PAT

Trio Safetcheck

  1. Pro Logger II


  1. TNT+M
  2. Tnp500

Unsupported Devices

There are a number of devices which we are unable to support and/or the device is considered to be significantly out of date. However, in these scenarios, there are other options which allow you to continue to use PATorganiser without a direct communication link:
  1. Seaward Supernova (Pre the XE model)

Alternatives for Unsupported Devices

Flat File Import

  1. PATorganiser can read a large number of flat file sources including CSV, XLSX and SQL Lite databases
  2. If you have software that reads from your device that can export a file, we can likely read it, or add it as an additionally supported format.

Manual Entry

  1. PATorganiser has an optimised interface to support manual entry of results quickly. This interface allows for the use of any tester including a lot of the testers on the market which do not have a communication link.