Getting Started with PATorganiser

Getting Started with PATorganiser

1. Overview of PATorganiser

The first step to getting started is understanding how our system works. Here’s a video that explains PATorganiser in more detail.

2. Configure and use PATorganiser

There are a range of different configuration options available for you to choose from when setting up your instance of PATorganiser. Understand how the Organiser screen works here as well as how to edit/add drop-down menus. The system defaults are generally enough to get you started in a trial, but have a look around and change the settings to suit your requirements in the settings tab (setting location explained in #5).

3. Import your current database

If you have an existing test and tag management system, you’re able to use this data in your trial, import your current database into PATorganiser.
Alternatively, use the sample data provided or download the data from your device (see #4 below). Check out the data via the Organiser tab, where all your data resides.

4. Download/upload the data to/from your device

Download and upload test results - instructions. Check out this video which details how to download from your tester (NB. data can be downloaded via a USB cable and USB dongle in place of a Bluetooth connection). An upload file can also be created in the Overview screen (this features is only available for PrimeTest Elite - or equivalent - and Megger PAT450 users.

5. Managing permissions & adding Managers for reporting

Learn how to change permissions in this article. Access via the settings tab in the top right hand corner.

Adding managers

Step 1. Organiser

Step 2. Select Edit Client

Step 3. Scroll down to Managers for Reporting Schedule & add manager/s

6. Sending ad-hoc manager reports

Steps 1-4. Scheduling tab>>Report scheduling tab>>Choose a report to send>>Send

7. Import spreadsheets

Outside of the most commonly used method of a direct download from the tester or a USB, data can be downloaded into PATorganiser via one of two spreadsheets. These are available to be downloaded in PATorganiser. PATorganiser_Template_Simple is the most straightforward and requires a minimal amount of data compared to the PATorganiser_Template doc. Once you have downloaded the appropriate spreadsheet and populated it with data, it can then be imported into PATorganiser.

Step 1. More tab/Import Database

Step 2. Select spreadsheet to use for import

Need some more help?
We have built an extensive knowledge base with answers to our users most frequently asked questions. You can search the Knowledge Base here. Further, our Australian based support team is always available to help you, submit a support request email via Alternatively, use the 'Submit a ticket' link at the bottom of the Knowledge Base home page.