Metrel aPAT Intregration - Export to PATorganiser

Metrel aPAT Intregration - Export to PATorganiser

Metrel aPAT Integration

PATorganiser and Metrel have worked together to develop an integration whereby testing data from the Metrel Android aPAT application can be uploaded to PATorganiser at the press of a button - no more transferring or uploading of files manually. A further advantage is that aPAT can operate without internet access and the data then sent to PATorganiser once connected back to the internet.

Preparing PATorganiser to Export from aPAT

Before being able to export data from aPAT to PATorganiser, please login to your PATorganiser account and register your Metrel device.

1. Use the "Manage Instruments page" within the "More menu"

2. Add your instrument into PATorganiser ensuring that you have the serial number of your Metrel device correct and press "Save"

3. You are now set to upload data from aPAT into PATorganiser

Uploading data from aPAT into PATorganiser

From within aPAT, follow the instructions below.

1. Select "Open Projects"

2. Press the "Menu button" and then expand the "Export/Import" menu

3. Select "Upload to PATorganiser"

4. Confirm the notice regarding sharing your data with PATorganiser

5. Select the project that you would like to upload to PATorganiser, which will then initiate the upload process

6. An upload progress meter will appear while the data is transferred and when complete, a message will be presented:

7. PATorganiser once having received the data will match the serial number registered in the pre-step with the serial number in the uploaded data- importing the data into your PATorganiser account

Useful Information

For more specific information about how the data maps from aPAT to PATorganiser, please view Metrel aPAT Intregration - Useful Information.